Family Counselling


Family counselling in Sundsvall, Timrå and Ånge.
We work with married couples, common-law couples and families who have problems in their relationships.

Make an appointment at phone number 060-19 18 90 between 08:30-09:30
Website: Familjerådgivningen i Sundsvall

You can contact Familjerådgivningen with issues like:

  • we have a hard time talking to each other
  • where did the feelings go
  • the sex life isn’t as good as it was
  • one of us has found somebody new
  • we argue too much
  • we are thinking about breaking up
  • we have founded a new family and it’s hard to be a step parent.

Familjerådgivningen works under strict professional secrecy and don’t keep any records.

They can:

  • help you listen and talk to each other in a more satisfactory way
  • help you to easier understand and accept yourselves and each other
  • to together find out what is keeping you from solving your problems and conflicts
  • encourage and support you in your work in solving your difficulties.